Mathieu Lehanneur

Graduate of Les Ateliers (French National School of Industrial Design) in 2001, Lehanneur opened the same year his own design studio industruel and interior architecture. Early on he developed a passion for the interaction between the body and its environment, living organisms and the scientific world. Lehanneur juggled contradictions for 10 years to achieve a design that is constantly pushing its boundaries and draws attention of prestigious clients around the globe. Lehanneur is the creator of iconic objects that sum alone a time, a place or Lehanneur marque.Mathieu back to just good, functional design in 'inspiring, not the history of design but rather to 'natural History. He considers the user (the customer, the target ...) as a full body, a body chemical exchange whose physiology is designed so to provide for his needs, desires and emotions. It is through an exploration of natural and technical possibilities that could make objects both functional and magical, strange as well as friendly. Actual or intuitive recognition, he sometimes collaborates with scientists and doctors in order to recreate the ergonomics and meet our daily challenges: breathe better, sleep better, love better, live better.